Aligarh District in Uttar Pradesh

Aligarh is a district which is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This story will help to know all about the Aligarh district and its  Nature.

Aligarh is a District of Uttar Pradesh, India. The city is located about 90 miles (140 km) southeast of New Delhi. 

Where is the Aligarh situated?

List of famous places to visit in Aligarh District?

1– Aligarh Fort 2– Khereshwar Temple 3– Naqvi Park 4– Aligarh Muslim University

How big is Aligarh?

In 2001, the Aligarh district density was 820 people per sq. km. Aligarh district administers 3,650 square kilometers of area.


What is the pin code of Aligarh?

How  old is Aligarh?

Aligarh was known by the earlier name of Kol or Koil before the 18th century


How Aligarh looks?

It looks like amazing due to the wonderful nature. And having famous rreligiou places.

Tehsils in Aligarh district

There are five tehsils of aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh state of India. 1– Koil 2– Atrauli 3– Khair 4– Iglas 5– Gabhana

Constituencies in Aligarh

There are 7 constituencies 1-CHHARRA 2– ATRAULI 3– IGLAS 4– KHAIR 5– BARAULI 6– KOIL 7– ALIGARH

List of religious Places in Aligarh

These are the religious places 1– Khereshwar Temple. 2– AMU Jama Masjid. 3– Teerthdham Mangalaayatan. 4– Baba Barchi Bahadur Dargah.

Villages in Aligarh District

There are 1210 villages in Aligarh District. you can check out through the post. 

Is Aligarh Rural or Urban?

You can say Aligarh is a rural area because as per the 2011 census, 66.87 % population of Aligarh districts lives in rural areas of villages.

Faqs on Aligarh District

There are so many faqs are available on post whose link is given below  just visit to know more and more about Aligarh District.