Bulandshahr District in Uttar Pradesh

Bulandshahr is a district which is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This story will help to know all about the Bulandshahr district and its beauty

Bulandshahr district is situated in Uttar Pradesh which is one of the largest states in India. The District of Bulandshahar is in the Meerut region of Utter Pradesh.

Where is the Bulandshahr situated?

List of famous places to visit in Bulandshahr District?

1-Rajghat 2-Karnavas 3-Ahar 4-Belon 5-Chola 6-Clock Tower 7-Kala aam

How big is Bulandshahar?

The District is about 84 km in length and 62 km in breadth. The district is 237.44 meters above sea level.


What is the pin code of Bulandshahr?

How  old is Bulandshahr?

it begins even before 1200 B.C. This region is nearer to the capital of Pandavas

How bulandshahr looks?

It looks like amazing due to the famous religios palces such as Rajghat, Karnavas etc

Tehsils in Bulandshahr district

There are seven tehsils  – Bulandshahr (Sadar) – Sikandrabad – Syana – Anoopshahr – Debai – Shikarpur – Khurja

Nagar Palika Parishad

There are 9 nagar Palika Parishad 1-Bulandshahr 2-Gulaothi 3-Sikandrabad 4-Khurja 5-Anoopshahr 6-Jahangirabad 7-Shikarpur 8-Syana 9-Debai

Nagar Panchayats

There are 8 Nagar Panchayats 1-Aurangabad 2-Kakor 3-Pahasu 4-Chhatari 5-Bugrasi 6-Khanpur 7-B. B. Nagar 8-Naraura

Villages in Bulandshahr District

There are 1246 villages in Bulandshahr District. you can check out through the post. 

Is Bulandshahr Rural or Urban?

We can say Bulandshahr is a rural area because as per the 2011 census, 75.21 % population of Bulandshahar districts lives in rural areas of villages.

Faqs on Bulandshahr District

There are so many faqs are available on post whose link is given bellow  just click to know more and more about bulandshahr District.