What is Google  Web Story?

Web Stories are a visually rich, full-screen content format for the web, which allow you to tap or swipe through stories. For example- you are watching a web story.

What are the 10 benefits of Google web stories?

Google Web Stories can benefit your businesses in innumerable ways, let’s have a look at some of them

1 Boost Ranking

It Can Boost Your Rankings on Search Engine Result. Google has announced a path to rank the first position on Google search results in the form  of Google Web Stories.


More Attraction

Your Stories Go Directly on the Search Result and Attract Maximum Eyeballs across the Web


3 Content Creation

Web stories allow us to create content as easily as possible in technical view, allowing users consistent user interface controls that facilitate content sharing.


4 Content goes omnichannel

Google Web Stories are a part of the open web and it gives the content marketers the freedom to go omnichannel without being confined to a single ecosystem.


5 Fast loading Speed

Google Web Stories load at lightning-fast speeds; these rapid loading times allow the users enough time to stay engaged.


6 Ads Monetization

Google Web stores are amongst the pre-modern ways to reach your existing readers or visitors. It enables monetization with the help of full-screen ads.


7 External Linking

With Google Web Stories there’s no restriction on content creators from linking out to other websites.


8 Real-Time Notification & User Interaction

The ‘live story’ attribute on the Web Story notifies users in real-time that they have added a new page. This feature can be specifically beneficial.


9 No Time Limit

Unlike some other Google content such as Google My Business posts, there is no expiration date on Web Stories.


10  Users Can Be Interactive

Google Web Stories can include the ability to host interactive elements such as quizzes and polls and can somewhat be limited by users’ technical abilities.